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Protocal Of Hiring Your First Employee.

It is a big deal to be hiring your first employee in a business. For a business to grow, one goes through a lot. Having a helper is something to be excited about in a business. The vision of every employer is to have employees who will make the business grow. There are a couple of things to consider before you decide on who to hire.

Among other things a background check should a priority. It is obvious that you want to hire the most qualified person for the job. You should look for a talented and able-bodied person. School level and qualification in terms of profession should be looked at. In case qualifications like licences are relevant you should check for them. It is also advisable to check the criminal background. For employment station of the prospect employee is important to look at. What other people have to say about the person is also a point of concern. Past cases of sickness of medical conditions should be noted. This is to ensure that the work environment would be conducive for the person.

It is also advisable to prepare a statement of employment. This should be delivered by the employer. The document contains terms and conditions of employment. The an employee should receive this document within two months of working at an institution. A payment tab is expected from the employer. It should include a summary of the employee’s salary. It should include all taxes, deductions, and contributions. This gives you a head start.

It is compulsory to have a contract of employment. It should give clear guideline of the employee’s rights, responsibilities and working conditions. It gives the employee a picture of what to expect during the period they will be working there, as well as what is expected from them. Included in there should be how long the contract will last. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe, clean and health-friendly environment to the employees. Scrutiny of any potential risk should be done by the employer. It is the employers obligation to provide safety training. This is in preparations in case of an emergency like a fire.

Legal requirements and responsibilities are present in every section of the industry. Restrictions have been put in place by the government to ensure smooth running of businesses. Ensuring that these rules are met is the responsibility of the employer. A test before hiring would be good. this should be able to check for competence and reliability.

This assist in disqualifying those that do not make the cut. Having a budget is also something to consider. One should hire an employee that the company can afford. One needs to establish the reason they want to hire. If it proves to be a be a must, then go ahead.