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An individual experiences the best moments of life when healthy. The proper functioning of everybody organ is fundamental to an individual. A poor diet is equivalent to poor health. A proper diet is a guarantee that an individual is healthy. Taking care of what you eat is taking care of who you are going to become. A healthy lifestyle is recommended to ensure the active functioning of the body. The modern man has evolved from the traditional feeding habits. Nature is not left behind in these revolutionary changes. The soil has lost its nutritional value making it less productive in food production. They cannot make available essential nutrients to the humans. An improvement in technology has seen a sudden increase in the amount of food that is under production. Irrespective of the increased quantities the quality of the agricultural products may not be at per with the olden ages where the soil was not damaged. The body requires minerals and other food supplements to ensure its proper growth and functioning. Minerals can generally be classified in to two groups. Organic minerals are also known as plant minerals. Organic minerals are essential nutrients in the body of human beings. The plants break them down through the process of photosynthesis. These minerals are made available to man on consuming them. Minerals that are obtained from plants are easily absorbable in the human body. Food supplements that contain organic minerals serve as natural detoxifiers. Minerals in their natural state are harmless to the body.

Minerals have specific functions in the nutritive life of an individual. The main function of calcium in the body system of an individual is bone and teeth development. Phosphorous boosts the functioning of the muscles,the kidney and the heart. Iron produces hemoglobin which aids in blood formation. Food supplements that are rich in zinc are available in most medicine shops and health centres. The body that has a good supply of all the minerals enjoys healthy and functional body organs. Individuals should eat food products that are rich in the nutrients or also seek health products that are rich in the same. Study has shown that legumes are a rich source of iron and potassium minerals. Cheese contains minerals such as calcium and phosphorous. Sweet potatoes contain high quantities of potassium. Food supplements rich in sodium are sold locally and they act as even cheaper sources of sodium.

Health and food supplements are common in the current societies to act as an easy source of the major dietary nutrients. These tablets have a wide range of benefits to the user. The supplement has an excellent ability in clearing free radicles that are harmful to the health of the individual. Some of these health products will help an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the changing trend.

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